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Vertical Marriage Bundle

For anyone who is married, preparing for marriage, or desperate to save a relationship teetering on the edge of disaster, Dave and Ann offer hope and strategies that really work. Vertical Marriage will give you the insight, applications, and inspiration to reconnect with God together and to transform your marriage to everything you hoped it would be.

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What's Included

  • Vertical Marriage Book

    Written in a funny and highly relatable dialogue between both husband and wife, Vertical Marriage will guide you toward building a vibrant relationship at every level including communication, conflict, intimacy, and romance.

  • Study Guide

    A digital guide full of tips and exercises to help you move toward a life-giving relationship with Christ and your spouse

  • Digital Video Series

    A collection of videos providing practical advice from Dave and Ann Wilson

Vertical Marriage: The one secret that will change your marriage

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About Dave & Ann

As founders of a multi-campus church and marriage coaches with 30 years of experience, Dave and Ann share the hard-earned but easy-to-apply biblical principles that ensure a strong marriage. 

Through their unique perspectives, they share an intimate, sometimes hilarious and at times deeply poignant narrative of one couple’s journey to reconnecting with God and discovering the joy and power of a vertical marriage.

Don't Just Take Our Word For It

  • Dr. Tim Kimmel

    Founder and CEO of Family Matters

    "If your marriage isn’t vertical, then it’s just a matter of time before your relationship will pay the price. Or … you could read this book and transform your marriage into a page-turning, smoking hot, this-is-more-like-it love story.
    Your call."

  • Jim Caldwell

    Former Detroit Lions Head Coach

    "A very entertaining read packed with real-life experiences all married couples can relate to. Dave and Ann provide dual perspectives that blend seamlessly into the singular concept of a Vertical Marriage."

  • Bob Lepine

    Co-Host FamilyLife Today

    "I think what I love most about my friends Dave and Ann Wilson is their honesty, coupled with their passion for couples to experience marriage as God intends it.  Wherever you are in your relationship, Vertical Marriage will move you closer together as you learn how to go vertical together."

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